Prepac AB designs and manufacturing product based of our clients needs . Here are som examples .

PL Automated line for repairing EURO pallets.

Automated line for producing special pallets.

Nailing tool to be mounted on a 6-axis industrial robot.

Roller conveyor with chain-transmission.

RE, Tray erector and robot in one unit .  Picking sheets from a stack of 2000mm of cardboard.

KR  Concept for assamblying paper pallets.

OM  Legmachine . 500-1600mm legs . 2-3 blocks . Feeds nail from bulk magasin.

RD   EUR pallet dismantler.

SR Nailingrobot cell.

Concept for assamblying of pallet collars.

TE Tray erector. Small floor area and high capacity.

KS Composite block feeder.

KS Composite block feeder, 2 size block at the same time.


on the machine solutions!